CSI Schedule

C.S.I     (Candidate School of Instruction)

Program Schedule

•    Sunday Mornings           9:00 am to 1:00 pm
•    Wednesday Nights         If nothing else is scheduled
•    Any Other Time              Only by appointment with coaches

Candidate Coaches
•    Merrick Hamer. PM / MrHamer@yahoo.com / 310-480-0478
•    Edward Calzaretto / calzaret@ca.rr.com / 310-398-4507
•    Clarence Kussner. PM / clarencek@ca.rr.com / 310-482-1164
•    Sam House / Samhouse@mac.com / 310-948-2999

Purpose & Goal
•    Entered Apprentice Masons and Fellowcraft Masons may work to become Master Masons.
•    Master Masons may work towards completing their Master Mason proficiency.

Important advice
•    Set a tenative date for your proficiency exam and use the approaching date as a way to motivate yourself to progress and achieve your goal.
•    The most important purpose of this candidate instruction program is to help you achieve Master Mason status and become a better man.

Good Luck!!

Masato Francis Taguchi PM