Dues and Donations


Dues and Donations

Greetings Brethren!  As a new Masonic year has begun, I welcome any of your comments or concerns for the benefit of the lodge and its clerical efficiency.  I appreciate the timely attention given by all who have already paid their dues for the year 2018.  If any have forgotten, please accept this as brother and friendly reminder.  I welcome in confidence, hearing from anyone who may be struggling financially and unable to pay his dues.  If this applies to any of you, please know that your welfare is our foremost care.

If you are able to pay your dues, please send your remittance with the envelope that was mailed to your residence.  If you have misplaced the statement, please contact me at the number below, and a new statement will be mailed. If you prefer, you may also pay your dues on-line, through PayPal.  For this method, please visit: www.culvercitymasons.org. From the Home Page, go to the pulldown menu and select “dues and donations.”  Payments through PayPal made be made through your bank account or with a credit card.

Finally, my brothers, please advise me or the Senior Warden of the lodge, if you know of any sickness or distress among our members or involving their families.


Clarence D. Kussner, P.M., Secretary.